Document Retention

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Revmark can process a wide variety of inputs

No matter what form of paper or digital input your company has, we can most likely convert it into the digital format that you need in order to be more productive. Read below for descriptions of the different formats and input characteristics that Revmark can process for you. If you have another format not mentioned, please feel free to discuss it with us. Remember that our strength is our flexibility and willingness to tackle the unique challenges of your business.

Document Types

Revmark has the imaging equipment and software to handle a diversity of document formats. With capabilities for sheet fed scanning in many sizes, as well as flatbed scanning for more fragile documents, we can handle documents of nearly any type:

  • Office papers
  • Survey forms
  • Invoices
  • Business cards
  • Photographs
  • Publications (books/magazines/etc)
  • Resumes/applications
  • Legal/Litigation documents
  • Product registration/warranty cards
  • and more!

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Revmark can handle volumes of nearly any size. While many service bureaus are reluctant to accept small scanning jobs, we give the same high quality service and responsiveness to every project, no matter how small. We also have the capability and capacity to scale for much larger projects. Revmark has multiple clients that require scanning of over a million documents annually. And we have plenty of capacity for more!

Document condition

Revmark handles all types of document prep. So we gladly accept projects with disorganized files, boxes, or mail bins, as well as staple/paperclip removal, damaged documents, and even fragile documents.

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Perhaps what sets Revmark apart the most is our ability to manage scanning projects that do not conform to the usual "cookie-cutter" approach of the big service bureaus. In fact, that's how our imaging business got started! Most scanning projects are able to simply be shipped to our imaging office in Eastern Pennsylvania. However, we understand that some projects involve sensitive documents that require on-site scanning. Revmark will manage on-site scanning projects throughout the East Coast.

Some projects may require special handling or even mail retrieval. Documents such as warranty cards, invoices, applications, returned mail, etc, are often sent to separate PO boxes. Revmark can handle the retrieval of these documents in the time intervals that you specify. Moreover, to make it even easier for you, we will set up the necessary PO Boxes for your program.

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Revmark can produce a wide variety of outputs

Different businesses have different needs. Small businesses have even more diverse and unique needs. Therefore, the output of any document imaging solution must offer diverse functionality. Fortunately, Revmark offers this diversity and flexibility in our document imaging solutions. We offer a variety of imaging solutions with diverse delivery media, file formats, and image specifications. Read the descriptions of these output specs below - and feel free to discuss your business' special needs with us.

Imaging Solutions


The most basic imaging output is the scanned image. Revmark clients often use our basic scanning services for data entry purposes or simply as digital backup for their important documents or photographs.


Revmark offers indexing services for clients who would like to convert their business' paper filing system to digital for increased productivity and greater security. The indexing system can be customized to your company's needs.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR can be used as a search function or as a method of data entry. Revmark offers flexible Zonal OCR and Full-page OCR solutions that can make your business more productive. While OCR is not always the right solution for every project, Revmark's OCR validation solution can enhance your results and make OCR a highly effective and cost effective approach.

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Delivery Media

Revmark can deliver your output through a variety of media, depending on your project and security needs:

  • Disk - CD or DVD
  • Email attachment - for small files
  • Direct FTP transfer - to your ftp server or ours. We can also set one up for your project
  • Web site or web server

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File Formats

  • PDF
  • TIFF
  • Multi-page TIFF
  • JPEG 2000
  • JPEG 2000 - Lossless

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Image Specifications

Depending on your project requirements (time, budget, usage, etc) Revmark offers a wide variety of options for image specs. We can scan your documents in full RGB color, grayscale, or black & white. All Revmark scanning is done with the use of image enhancement software for optimal image quality, and there are a number of additional scanning specs available, including:

  • Auto cropping
  • Color dropout
  • Simplex/ duplex
  • Auto deskew
  • Blank page deletion

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From Bryn Chernoff, Project Manager at Digital Divide Data, regarding a time sensitive imaging job for a client:

"Thanks for taking care of this and I apologize for no advance warning! It was a flurry before leaving for Asia. Thank you for setting it up!. Thanks for getting it up there so quickly. You saved us in a tight spot, actually! Thanks!"