Corrective Actions

Revmark Correct Action & Product Recall Solutions

Revmark has over a decade of experience managing consumer product recall campaigns and other corrective actions. Programs have included voluntary actions, and actions mandated by both the CPSC and NHTSA. The experience and relationships of Revmark principles has helped companies navigate through the often complex regulatory reporting process and negotiate with regulatory authorities for more manageable and cost effective corrective actions. When a recall campaign is necessary, Revmark can handle the execution of any program, large or small. Our projects have included some of the largest recalls in US history, and one of our programs was even lauded by the CPSC themselves as "a model recall."

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Revmark has the experience, relationships, and capabilities to execute your corrective action programs from beginning to end. Such programs include recalls, safety notifications, retrofit/replacement, or rebates. Our extensive experience includes all of the following:

Customer Service/ Call Center Services

Product Development Coordination

Instruction Sheet Production

Liability Procedures

Post Office/ Mailing Coordination

Notification Programs:

Identifiable/ Registered Consumer Mailing

Pediatrician Mailing

Retailer Notification

Sales Notification of Major Retailers

Press Release Coordination

Regulatory Reporting – CPSC, NHTSA, etc.

Revmark can handle your CPSC Section 37 and Section 102 reporting. Further, we have assisted many clients with International Reporting obligations. Our expertise in this area includes the new CPSC ruling on reporting requirements for products sold overseas. We also specialize in National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) Reporting.


Case Study

A program suggested to our client by a regulatory agency would have cost $8 million. By meeting with regulators to present alternative strategies, we were able to implement what was called a "model recall program" at a cost of just over $1 million. While not every client will experience this kind of cost savings, this illustrates that correct strategy and expertise in reverse marketing processes can save you money in crisis situation.